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PostSubject: Hi   Hi Icon_minitimeThu 16 Aug 2007, 8:44 pm

Hey, my name is Steven Stackhouse and I'm a former player from Diversionary Tactics [DT]. I used to play quite a bit of Guild Wars but laid off at the end of July when DT was going through member pain. Another thing is that if I do leave the guild in the middle of the night, I'll probably be coming back the next day as it will be because of some pug I'm doing in IRC, I'll try and pay back the invites in 1k sections Razz

Anyway, here an example of some criticism you can expect from me.

Alright, I told the guild chat and I told arma, I didn't see a change in the way the build was being played from the Obs of kF vs DT. So I'm posting it again.

I see that you changed the necro for a bsurge ele, good move imo.

Alright. Your facing what seems to be a common build, 2 wars, 1 BA, 1 mes, 1bsurge, 2 monks (lod/rc), E/mo runner.

First off, the build is lacking in defense as the only defence you have is the bsurge. So when the monks say their running low both warriors have to lineback effectively. This should stop the giving of ground we always seem to do unintentionally. Mindblast Ele can give mark on both of their warriors and then switch off and pressure their mesmer so he can't go diversion happy.


This build can't be played 8v8 lets just smash stuff and call adren spikes. I'm not sure if you've noticed that yet but against any half decent team you end up not killing anything.

My 2-cents on an offensive push with this build.

First off, When you meet them, size up their build, its the build I said up above. Tanker then should call a push, sorry monks but your on your own. Kite like crazy for this period of time.
Alright, since you put in a bsurge with draw, I'd take draw off the runner and give him deep freeze or icespikes, runners choice.

Now, for the push.

Smiters job----------------

Humility the bsurge on recharge
give aura when the warriors call for it
and spam your other stuff like normal
kite to relieve pressure


Mind Blaster----------------

Give mark of rodgort to the LoD monk + the target the sword warrior is going to be on.
Start meteor spamming and mind blasting the LoD. use fireball on clumps + searing heat.
Make sure mark stays up.



Cast bsurge like normal, keep the RC clean of condis, use ward, cast lorb on low armor targets, (60AL, mesmer, monk?) or low health targets. If humility doesn't go through draw the warrior blinds.


Hammer Warrior-----------

If for some reason the humility doesn't go through your on the Bsurge far away from the sword warrior to prevent double blinds. No need to call a spike at this time.


Sword Warrior-------------

Hop on the RC so he can't just RC off your cripple + bleed + dw on someone else. make sure you have a fiery sword for the mark to trigger.


Give SoR to monks to help them out
Cast Icespikes/df/gust on their bsurge, or any other target that is kiting from your melee.
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